By Dare Fayemi

A Former Assistant Organizing Secretary of GOFAMINT Students’ Fellowship, Lagos State University chapter, Olaide Oludayo Abiona has got a Fully Funded PhD Scholarship to United Stated after 10 Rejections.

Olaide while Leaving the Country Wednesday, August 04, 2021 at 5:36 PM shares some exciting pictures.

While reminiscing on the journey to success, Olaide noted that he got rejected about 10 times but remained resolute in his quest to get a scholarship to his destination of choice. the United States.

The LASU graduate of Microbiology has braved the failures and difficulties to achieve his academic dream. Olaide Oludayo Abiona who is a graduate of Lagos State University (LASU) is the recipient of a fully funded PhD scholarship to read biomedical sciences at Medical College of Wisconsin, in Wisconsin, USA.

An excited Olaide broke the news on his LinkedIn page as he shared photos of his moment at the airport enroute to the USA.

He started applying for scholarships in his final year, Olaide revealed that he had always wanted to further his studies in the United States and began applying to US varsities and institutions right from his final year at Lagos State University, The first three applications he made were unsuccessful. Learning from the previous experience, the young man again applied but this time to 8 institutions. Unfortunately, 7 of the 8 turned out unsuccessful with only one giving him the nod. Describing his experience applying for scholarships, Olaide said it almost ate him up but he triumphed at the end. In his words:

“It was an extremely tough journey, one filled with diligence, hardwork, as well as psychological and emotional intricacies. I must confess that this mission almost ate me up and was one filled with a lot of uncertainties along the way. However, I triumphed in the end.”

By Dare Fayemi

The Staff Adviser of GOFAMINT Students’ Fellowship (GSF) Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) chapter, Dr. Adedayo Daodu has been appointed the new Deputy Provost of the college.

This announcement was made recently by the institution’s management.

Dr. Daodu is also an Alumnus of Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education. Until his appointment, Dr. Daodu is a lecturer at the department of Guidance and Counselling in the college.

In a congratulatory message by the AOCOED Alumni Association, Daodu’s latest appointment was described as the best choice to ensure a rapid development in the college, saying the appointment of Dr. Daodu has shown that the college is full of capable hands that can handle administrative works within and outside the college.

The congratulatory message includes that: “It is no fiction that the oldest state owned tertiary institution is matching up its credentials with capabilities. We, on behalf of all our members, wish Dr. Daodu a successful tenure in office,” the statement added.

Dr Dayo Daodu is the Staff Adviser of GSF AOCOED Chapter and a Pastor in The Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT)

His official inauguration will be done by February 2021.