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Become A Donor
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684 West College St. Sun City, United States America, 064781.

(+55) 654 - 545 - 1235

GSF Foundational Concept


In order to fulfill her mandate, the GOFAMINT Students’ Fellowship is committed to:

  1. REACHING OUT with the message of eternal salvation to students and staff who are yet to taste the saving grace and love of God in our higher institutions and secondary schools.
  2. RETAINING the GOFAMINT students and other truth loving and holiness oriented students in this reckless world. Basically, this is to enable the Christians student to pass through all the ills and odds of campus life without stumbling, straying, stinking and sinking.
  3. REVIVNG the lukewarm Christian students, restoring the straying ones, calling to order the straying ones and re-orienting the spiritually and the academically disoriented ones.
  4. REDEEMING the Christian students from academic ‘marah’ and mire to failure. To provide the miracle bridge that connects the hopeless, failure ridden and disappointed students to the promise land of the glorious academic success.
  5. REDIRECTING the zeal, enthusiasm and efforts of our students towards noble goals of life, the great commission and active church participant.
  6. RATIONALLY preparing and developing campus saints, by rightly intimating and integrating them into the living local church as useful members
  7. RAISING a generation of fire-band saints prepared for the work of the ministry; who will promote heaven values and oppose the forces of hell in the capacity of the great commission army.