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It was a show of the splendour of God’s grace at the University of Ibadan as the GOFAMINT Students’ Fellowship, UI Chapter hosted a 2-day Word Conference tagged, “Emblems of His Presence” on February 4-5, 2024.

The Word Conference is an expression of a series of “Wind of Change” meetings marking the 40th year of the Fellowship on Ul campus.

The Word Session for the first day was taken by the Oyo Field Pastor, Pastor Dapo Sowunmi where he emphasized that it is the presence of God that makes the difference in the life of anyone who has come to God in salvation.

He explained that when the presence of God is in a person, his/her appearance and actions will be as though Christ were physically manifest.

He enjoined the participants to seek for a divine encounter with God which will crystallize the consciousness of His presence in them and with them.

Day Two was equally filled with many revelations and insights as the National Campus Pastor, Pastor (Prof) Moses Aderibigbe ministered by the Spirit on the theme. He started with an emphasizing of man being a creation designed to be in the image and likeness of God but this was altered to a great extent at the Fall.


Severally in the Old Testament, God had to devise other means to relate with and put His presence close enough to man. One of such is the system of the ark of covenant domiciled in the Sanctuary. In this ark were present the tablets of stone, the pot of manna and the rod of Aaron that budded (Hebrew 9:4, Exodus 16:32-34, Numbers 17:10-11, Deuteronomy 10:1-2).

He reiterated that although the manna was designed to be worthless after a day when taken up by the Israelites throughout their sojourn, God’s presence preserved the manna in the ark to remain untainted. He explained that the system of God’s presence as described in Psalm 114 as the “parousia” is pivotal to all the victories and miracles the Israelites recorded.

Tailoring this with the New Testament account, Pastor Moses said God wants us to be mobile altars, carrying His presence. However the extent to which we see is the extent to which we are conscious of God. We must be desperate to see the Lord: like Elisha saw Elijah and Isaiah saw the glory of God, only men who have seen can carry God

The session ended with prayer and an opportunity for the audience to receive salvation, purification and realignment to the Christ. 


It was truly a meeting that its impact will last a lifetime.

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