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INTERVIEW: Why we established GOFAMINT students’ loan- GOFAMINT General Secretary


The Gofamint Students’ Fellowship is the student wing of Gospel Faith Mission Int’l in all campuses across the nation. In past years, the Gofamint Students Fellowship, GSF which was known as Gospel Students Fellowship has been a tremendous blessing to lives on campuses. The General Secretary of the church, Pastor Femi Omowunmi in an exclusive interview with Esther Adigun, Deborah Adebiyi, Tunde Stephen and Dare Fayemi at the 18th Biennial Conference of the fellowship disclosed the plans of the church for GSF and how the church has been helping some students financially, among others. The clergy also advised leadership of the fellowship. Excerpt:


What can you say about the conference “BY MY SPIRIT?”

It started in a great way yesterday. The topic is just appropriate and very timely. I thank God for the crop of ministers that have been ministering. Evangelist Richard Usenu ministered yesterday, we have seen Pastor Thoephilus Ajadi, Pastor Moses Aderibigbe and Pastor Tunde Ojo today and we can see that it is not just the theme of the conference but there is a manifestation because they’ve ministered under the influence and power of the Holy Spirit powerfully. So, we thank God because it is not just a theme in word but a theme in manifestation.


What plan does the mission have for GSF-Gofamint Students’ Fellowship?

The mission have great plans for GSF because the mission sees the GSF as the future of this mission and as a pillar of the mission. Particularly the General overseer, Pastor Dr. Elijah Oludele Abina has always been expressing his concern for the students, that whatsoever we need to do to invest into these students we should do, and you can see in the past that there has been a shift in focus to the students, like we have embarked now on supporting the campus ministry in various ways.

Last year I know we went to OAU to do a campus crusade. We had about three days there and it was wonderful. Some other people came to Christ through that. And besides, we have been able to show the students that we are interested in them and give them every support. And by the Grace of God, we will be doing such crusade in about two or three campuses this year. So, we want to move round like that from campus to campus. Our hope on this church is on the students and I hope the students don’t to disappoint us.


We’ll like to know the plan that the mission have in terms of infrastructures, welfarism, accommodation and the likes?

Without you knowing it, many students are been sponsored by the mission. Many parents write to us that they have problem sponsoring their children which we give them money. Besides, this mission has also instituted a student loan where parents come to collect that loan. Then, we have various ways of providing student welfare at various campuses. So, we are concerned about the student and we have a lot of welfare support for them.


Where do you see GSF in the next five years sir?

GSF was re-structured two years ago, precisely around September/October 2017. And I can see that the re-structuring has changed a lot of things. In the next five years, I want to see a GSF that will be flying high and that is why we have said we want to bring the GSF closer to the main stream church because she (GSF) is part of the church. The GSF leaders, they are our Pastors. So, we want to work with them so as to move this church forward within the next five years.


Okay sir. What advice do you have for Leaders, Campus Executives and participants of this conference?

I will want to advice the leaders to emulate the leadership style of our General Overseer, “The Servant Leadership”. The leadership system of this church is patterned after the leadership of Jesus Christ “The Servant Leadership”. Jesus Christ said, “Who will be a leader among you, let him be the servant of the people”. So, the hallmark of our leadership is service. To the Campus Leaders, we know they are the campus papas and mummies but then, they should see themselves as servant of the people to see to the welfare of their members. And also, I want to encourage them, both leaders and students, like I said that we have high hopes of them. I want them to excel in their academics. Be the best in your academics. We want to see professors and the likes. We have one VC (Vice-Chancellor), we want to see more VC’s. We want to see our people in high places. So we want to see them excel.

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