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Pastor Theo warns youths not to settle for satanic alternatives, charges them to allow Spirit of God

By Oluwafemi Dosu

As the 18th Biennial National Conference of Gofamint Students Fellowship, GSF continues in Ibadan, Pastor Theo Ajadi has warned youths across the nation especially GSF members not to settle for satanic alternative and charged them to allow the spirit of God control them.


Ajadi who was speaking during the morning wine session at the conference on ‘The Seven Folds Spirit’ noted that Jesus has the fullness of the spirit and God desires that everyone of His children look like Christ.


The clergy who used Revelation 3:1, 4:5, 5:6 and Isaiah 4:5 as bible text stated the fact that he is speaking on The seven Fold Spirit as recorded in the bible does not mean God has seven spirit, saying there is seven distinct operation or fold.


He revealed that if Christ has the seven fold of the spirit we also as the children must have the spirit, adding that the spirit of the Lord is also known as power its purpose is to silent the devil, and Holy ghost is more than rolling on the ground, it is power.


“The spirit of the fear of the Lord is the entrance into the power house. The fear of the Lord is spirit. It is the divine influence that empowers my spirit in fight over sin. It is not enough to weep about sin, you need to be empowered. The spirit of the fear of the Lord gives you dominion in the presence of sin. It causes you to standout, it is the master key to heaven treasure, don’t settle for satanic alternative, your status is in Christ. God himself will surround you with His terrific presence. He is the revealer of secret, ideas spiritually, financially, socially, politically, academically and in doing great,” he concluded.

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